Company founder Yan Chung Chen Peng engaged in the design of the transformer test station in 1987, the the transformer microcomputer measurement and control system R & D, manufacturing, successively, dry change for Baoding Transformer Factory Factory, Xi'an transformer factory in Tebian Factory, Jin Manke, Qingdao TransformerFactory, Jiangshan transformer Factory,er transformer Factory ...
 ·中国变压器技术水平可与全球著名品牌抗衡  /2016-3-1/
 ·我国变压器行业呈现金字塔型结构 市场需求稳步增长  /2016-3-1/
 ·配电变压器的经济选择分析 msports万博体育下载、龙为科技  /2016-3-1/
 ·2015年1-8月中国变压器产量分析  /2015-10-17/
 ·jjj  /2015-1-30/
 ·公司为多家老用户升级改造设备  /2012-3-31/
 ·公司设备出口印尼BAMBANG公司  /2012-3-31/
 ·公司设备出口印尼LLG公司  /2012-3-31/
 ·公司设备出口缅甸SEM公司  /2012-3-31/
 ·热烈祝贺msports万博体育下载网站开通  /2011-3-14/

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